Going Green! Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World (MSOSW)

Welcome to the Going Green! Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World (MSOSW) project.

We hope that teachers find the following resources helpful and encourage participants to share articles, online activities, and best practices to keep conversations going.

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Project Online Resources

Web Links

Lesson One: Unit Introduction
Electricity Safety
Global Energy Network Institute
Lesson Two: Whyville: Vampire Manor
Lesson Three: Electricity Basics
Energy Quest
Lesson Four: Standby Power
What is Standby Power?
How Vampire Power Works
Lesson Five: Why Should We Conserve Power?
Electric Fact Sheets
A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change
International Energy Studies
EPA Teaching Center
Lesson Six: Using the Belkin Meter
Belkin's User Guide
Lesson Seven: Analyzing Data

Lesson Eight: How Do We Conserve Power?
Personal Energy Meter
Lesson Nine: Educating Others and STEM Careers
Shared Solutions

Online Activities

Climate Change Kids Site - Includes games, climate change calculator, etc.
This site provides background information on climate change.
NASA Climate Kids
Household Carbon Footprint Calculator
Energy Generator
Energy Usage Calculator
Global Warming
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Climate Impact Map
Climate Watch

Project Related Videos

TedTalk about Whyville

Stand-by Power Video

Vampire Energy Video

Using the Watts-Up EZ

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